Cannabis Investing: Green Rush Finance

March 2, 2017

A recently hot topic in the world of finance has been in the "Green Rush." Get rich quick by investing in the as in marijuana. Investing in cannabis certainly offers big opportunity...but it does come at a risk. So this week we invite special guest that is an expert in investing, specifically in marijuana. He shares the ins and outs of cannabis investing from the perspective of all parties at hand: investors, capital groups, cannabis businesses and even the government.

Some of the questions and topics we address are: the 3 main options people have for investing, what does a typical investor "look like?", the challenges and market opportunities of investing in marijuana, what it's like to look for cannabis investors, and last but not least, the sexiness of the combination of money and marijuana. 

Our expert this week, Rick Batenburg is a partner and head of business development in the longest standing capital firm with a marijuana vertical. Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG), is of course based out of the cannabis epicenter, Denver, CO. If you're interested in investing in cannabis, you can reach out to him at

One of the exciting parts about investing in cannabis is the fun, sexy, new innovations that cannabis companies can bring to the table. In the case of CCMG we are talking about an industry-changing vaping brand called Escape. In addition to having an awesome, aviation branding, this new brand features vaping accessories and oils unlike anything else out there. 

This week Ruby Red Eye reviews the new "Flight" vaping device by Escape (no pun intended!). The Flight introduces a whole new vaping lifestyle that gives you choice, convenience and discretion. The Flight holds two Jet vaporizing, temperature controlled diffusers, so you can always choose whichever you're "feeling." It's smaller than your phone, but with the best-in-class battery technology, it keeps both of your Jets charged for up to 2 weeks! And like they say..."Size Matters," so they created a smaller vape that hits harder and lasts longer. Sorry guys...this is not yet in stores, but will be released to the public after their launch party on March 10th. 


This week's news:

We analyze White House press Secretary, Sean Spicer's words on marijuana last week. If your in the cannabis business, what should you do to make sure the "increased enforcement" by the government and MED doesn't affect you?

Is marijuana delivery on it's way to being legal? Senate Bill 192 would allow both medical and recreational dispensaries to deliver cannabis right to your door.

A nuclear bunker (no joke) was found to serve a double purpose...the second being a cannabis factory. Police in the UK raided it and were surprised to find $1.2 million worth of marijuana plants.



Want an invite to the Escape launch party on March 10th in Denver? Like and message them on their new Facebook page and you'll get an invite!




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