Is Chocolate Bridging the Gap Between the Cannabis, Entertainment and Food Industries?

March 8, 2017

Colorado is the first state to allow social consumption of marijuana. We are still heckling to establish specific rules but as early as this summer, we can expect to see businesses obtain these licenses. Which makes us wonder...what will this be like? We predict that because you cannot smoke inside, that marijuana edibles will be the "stepping stone" to serving and eating marijuana infused goodies in "normal" restaurants and cafes. And what is a more perfect edible than chocolate? There isn't one. Just ask our guest, Lauren Gockley, the Head Chocolatier of the cannabis chocolate kitchen, Coda Signature.

These truffles are as decadent as a piece of art, taste like heaven, have all the benefits of chocolate and are medicated. We also learn from Lauren a little secret that answers the question we had: why is chocolate and cannabis such an irresistible combo? One explanation is that both contain anandamide, which is sometimes called "the bliss molecule."


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This week, we check out which is the ultimate platform for the cannabis cook. Watch videos, find and share receipes, make your own cookbook and more with this awesome site and app. Check out their educational videos and receipes to learn what kind of cannabutter or oil goes best with what, what the perfect dessert or chocolate pairing is and more.



Our news this week covers some pretty major achievements for the marijuana industry. 1) The Colorado Attorney General invites Sessions to come to Colorado and check out how things are run here. The idea is to get the feds to understand that our market is sophisticated and regulated, so they don't need to worry about it! 2) This is the Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Friendly Hotels in Denver, which is very important for all the out of state tourists out there. 3) The Feds threaten an intervention in the major industry event, the High Times Cannabis Cup. 4) This is our topic to follow for the week. The Denver Social Marijuana Advisory Group has gotten together and agreed we need to designate areas where it is ok to consume, but one thing they don't agree on is this relation to alcohol.


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