Is Marijuana a Medical Miracle?

January 25, 2017

We invite the developer and lead marketer for medical marijuana products, such as Haleigh's Hope and Cannatol RX to talk with us about the lives that have been changed and bettered by medical cannabis. These products can break a grand mal seizure in as little as 10 seconds, yet some continue to call cannabis a Schedule I drug. And this is where marketing becomes a do you market something, especially for children when half of our society thinks it's a terrible thing? And how do you provide this medicine for those that need it? One way is through the Flowering HOPE Foundation, which will provide medicine for free to those that need it and cannot afford it. 

Thank you Richard Haines and Jason Cranford for joining us on this great episode that had all of our jaws dropping. We are all so grateful to have people like you representing the cannabis industry.


Our product review takes a deeper look into Haleigh's Hope, and tell you where you can find it. Our news this week covers: medical legalization in Germany, how much the U.S. spent on cannabis last year, and the crazy new medical marijuana restrictions in Pennslyvania. 


Cannabis is Going Mainstream with Guest From The Joint

January 18, 2017

Here in Colorado it's not unusual to smell the scent of cannabis in the air, or catch a glimpse of someone casually hitting their vape pens. This is not yet the case for every state, but we can confidently say that we are all moving in that direction of normalizing cannabis. So this week we talk about some of the indicators of marijuana going mainstream. One of those is the increasing availability and accessibility. So we invited the legend, PJ Rinker from The Joint in Denver to talk with us about how they're making vaping more accessible and easier to do than ever before.

Their new ingognito line, by INDVR features some awesome products that enable us to vape without anyone noticing...even in the office. So for our product review this week, we review the different vapes of this incognito line, for both men and women. We also review our favorite cartiridge for the vapes. It's a healthy feeling, fresh, peppermint cartridge that we give a major thumbs up to.

Our news for the week covers: illegal smoking in national parks, how many jobs the industry supports, mainstreaming and new, easier than ever ways to consume marijuana and indicators of marijuana normalization.



Cannabis Cooking with Guest From Sweet Grass Kitchen

January 13, 2017

Do you like edibles? Are you interested in how the pros cook and bake using cannabis? It's not as easy as dumping some flower in your brownie batter...which we have all tried at some point. So we bring in the expert, Julie Berliner from Sweet Grass Kitchen to give us some tips. For starters...CannaButter is Better! Some things our hosts learned from their edible baking experiences are that you should not use coffee filters, or flower. Using flower won't even get you high. But we also learned that when it comes to DIY with baking with cannabis, you might want to consider just leaving it to the cannabis professionals, like Sweet Grass Kitchen, who has those amazing butter mints that they always have at weddings, and their brand new white chocolate butter pecan cookies! Check out their Cannabutter Goodness here.

Our product review this week goes right along with cooking, and it's perfect if you want to toke up while cooking. Ruby Red Eye recommends the strain Super Lemon Haze while making scallops with a lemon beurre blanc sauce. It's the perfect pairing. Instead of pairing a wine with this dish, try pairing this strain next time. 


Our news this week is pretty exciting. There's a new cannabis perfume (that is actually popular...and this is not a joke), the Hollywood sign gets replaced with Hollyweed, there will apparently be free joints handed out in Washington D.C. on inaguration day for President Donald Trump, and a Colorado couple has a "cannabis plant spirit wedding" - open edibles bar!


A little something can now check out our podcast program notes here!


Starting off the New Year with Clean Cannabis

December 30, 2016

Why we can't claim "organic" cannabis, what it actually takes to be called "clean cannabis," and why all the other stuff is so bad for you. We seem to care what food goes into our body, but forget about the cannabis that goes into our body. This week, we invite Special guest and cannabis business owner, Amy Andrle of L'Eagle Services to talk with us about how we can fulfill our upcoming New Year's Resolution to consume healthier products. As the first cannabis retail shop to be certified by Certifiably Green Denver, we can assure you that she knows what she is talking about!

To celebrate this joyous, winterous season, our product review is on Stillwater teas, which can be found caffeinated to get you up and going even on the most chilly mornings.

Our news for the week covers: Israel's plan to export weed, the massive dollar amount of sales in Colorado this year and potential reason for Colorado to be worried about its cannabis industry with our upcoming President Trump.


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Holiday Special: Debunking 5 Marijuana Myths with Santa

December 23, 2016

You can't believe everything you read on the internet. So we get Santa to help us set some things straight, and keep us laughing the whole time too. But even if you're listening after Christmas, you will love hearing more about 5 common myths about cannabis. 

The myths involve: a Founding Father, sex, death, brain cells and more. Have fun listening!


Social Media Marketing in the Cannabis Industry with Guest Josh Risley of Cannabis Maximus

December 16, 2016

The horror stories of Facebook profiles getting shut down are prevelent. Which makes things even more difficult for the marketing departments of the cannabis industry who already face massive restriction on many means of traditional marketing and advertising. So this week we discuss the challenges, but also some tips that have helped us and other cannabis industry entrepreneurs. 

This week our guest Josh Risley, the founder, owner and CEO of Cannabis Maximus shares with our listeners his own experience of a Facebook shutdown...and you'll never guess why they shut down this profile. 

In the news this week we discuss new automated home growing chambers (do they actually work?), NBA coach Steve Kerr tries marijuana for pain (it didn't help him, so the NBA deems the use as "not being for medical purposes"), and a new real-time menu update that we can expect to see from the MJ anciallary giants Massroots and MJ Freeway.

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The Science Behind the Future of Cannabis Products with CEO of Ebbu

December 9, 2016

What do the future cannabis products look like? What will the high feel like? This week, we invite one of the experts to give us a sneak peek into what the future of cannabis beholds. Although research is still in its infancy stage, there are some conducting groundbreaking research on the cannabinoids that will drive the future of these products and medicines. One of the major players in this research is a company, called Ebbu. In this episode you will hear the CEO and President of Ebbu, Jon Cooper talk a bit about what they are discovering in the labs of Ebbu. And more importantly, what this means for the future cannabis products. One day soon enough, you will no longer just have to choose between indica or sativa...and you will not just take cannabis when you want to get high. You might get the opportunity to actually choose your desired effect. And you'll get that effect every single time.

Ruby Red Eye reviews Gorilla Glue #4 this week, from the Denver Clone Store. It has a piney flavor and is relaxing and livens the mood. Listen in for the complete review, plus hear the story of our new plant "Samoa," a gift from Denver Clone Store!

Aljandra covers our news from the week, where you will hear about: the first marijauna inhaler, cannabis and gun control and finally, the innaccurate testing of marijauna in Canada (and also probably the United States as well).


CannaPod talks cannabis strains and their effects with special guests from Denver Clone Store

November 19, 2016

Ever wonder what strains are good for what? There's no longer just one high, like back in the day. We now develop strains that have different effects. Not all will have you ending up on the couch with pizza in your lap. Plus, we invite the pros from Denver Clone Store, Shawn Olson and Casey Knutson to share all their inside knowledge. This is a fun episode for the canna-community!


Intellectual Property Protection for the Cannabis Industry

November 11, 2016

Cannabis Patent laws are complicated. You can't get a patent on the federal level, unless you're the United States of course - who does own a patent for cannabis. But most states with some form of legalization offer state trademark protections (except for California). So to clear things up on this topic, we brought in the experts. Our guest this week is Abe Cohn, the COO of THC Legal Group who helps our listeners better understand intellectual property protections of the industry. Because lets face's a huge barrier to success for many cannabis companies. Especially as states continue to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. Congrats to all the states that legalized this week. And "sorry Arizona," as Alejandra says. 

So if you are a cannabis business owner and have yet to obtain a trademark, or need any other legal advice or help that is industry-specific, we recommend you connect with THC Legal Group, before someone else takes credit for what you have worked so hard to build!

If you would like to learn more about the controversial cannabis patent that the United States owns, check out this episode where we first talked about.



The Political Episode: candidate’s positions on cannabis and marijuana politics

November 4, 2016

It's a big year for every American. Our hosts reveal if they will be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or if they will vote at all. We also talk about disturbing campaigns against marijuana and other political issues.

We learn even more about government and politics and cannabis from our Special guest, Nichole West who is the VP of Sweet Leaf and a professor at Clover Leaf University.