420 Special: Myths and Legends, World Cannabis Week and 420 Survival Guide Featuring My 420 Tours

April 18, 2017

What's the story behind who started 420? What is the SxSW of cannabis event and what can we expect from the World of Cannabis Week 2017? How did the concept of having marijuana-themed events, tours and vacations come about? What does the future of cannabis tourism look like? This week the President of My 420 Tours, JJ Walker helps answer some of these questions we're all dying to know the answers to. 

Ruby Red Eye gives us a list of everything you'll need for your 420 Survival Kit. Our bag of choice is the fanny pack, but she provides alternatives too. 

Our news covers Colorado backing off of planning the Amsterdam-style cannabis clubs, a fake news piece that led thousands to believe Texas legalized marijuana and a former MLB player coming out saying that baseball may not be the "straightest" of the four major American sports.