Intellectual Property Protection for the Cannabis Industry

November 11, 2016

Cannabis Patent laws are complicated. You can't get a patent on the federal level, unless you're the United States of course - who does own a patent for cannabis. But most states with some form of legalization offer state trademark protections (except for California). So to clear things up on this topic, we brought in the experts. Our guest this week is Abe Cohn, the COO of THC Legal Group who helps our listeners better understand intellectual property protections of the industry. Because lets face's a huge barrier to success for many cannabis companies. Especially as states continue to legalize recreational and medical marijuana. Congrats to all the states that legalized this week. And "sorry Arizona," as Alejandra says. 

So if you are a cannabis business owner and have yet to obtain a trademark, or need any other legal advice or help that is industry-specific, we recommend you connect with THC Legal Group, before someone else takes credit for what you have worked so hard to build!

If you would like to learn more about the controversial cannabis patent that the United States owns, check out this episode where we first talked about.