Timeline of Cannabis: History Repeats Itself with Weedmaps guest, Lance Lambert

February 8, 2017

When are where did marijuana originate? When did the government require farmers to grow hemp?How did wars, immigration, the government and Hollywood shape the attitudes towards marijuana over the years? In the cannabis podcast this week, we answer these questions and more. We also get a deep insight into how propaganda, and media influenced our society's perceptions of marijuana from an expert in media and tech in the cannabis industry. Lance Lambert is the Director of media operations for Weedmaps and marijuana.com, providing us with deep insight into the development of media attacking the industry, to media now (moreso perhaps than ever in our nation's history) embracing marijuana and cannabis, as it is normalized into our society. 

This week's product review will make you laugh out loud...mostly because of how squirmish our male hosts get when talking about breasts. Alex introduces us to not just an amazing product, but a great health practice that all female listeners need to check out! The company is called Bosom Wellness; it is based out of California and carries mostly CBD products (but also a THC product too). The product is an oil, and the practice is a boob massage. Massaging your breasts with these oils on a daily basis will help to relsease toxins from tissues and thus trigger the detoxification process. Their overall message? Adopt better breast health and practices! We all know that breast cancer is an all-too-common harsh reality.

We welcome Alejandra back this week to deliver our news this week, that gives us a lot of hope and excitement for the industry! 1) Marijuana Moms face a stigma. This is actually a video we found that dives into the lives of women in the industry. How do they cope with harsh questions? How do their kids respond to these questions? A couple of these women, "The Alexes" met last week at the Women Grow event. 2) Former NFL players supporting industry events. This comes up over and over again...but it's good that it does because it certainly helps to raise awareness and rid the stoner stigma. Plus we will be having a suprise former NFL guest on the show this Spring! 3) DA panel to advise Trump on marijuana. A new advisory board has been formed to help President Donald Trump on how to handle the cannabis industry. And despite what you might think...it is not composed of all opponents. A DA from right here in Boulder, Colorado is on the board, so we remain hopeful! 4) Bhang. Justin may call it "B-hang," but Bhang [prounced bang], is an awesome edibles and concentrates company, but also we find out the meaning behind the name. We'll give you a hint...it has a deep history, and is derived from outside of the States. 

If you're interested in fact checking us, want to read our sources, see the news articles, or are just plain interested in seeing what our podcast programs look like, you can check it out here.