How Do the Most Successful Cannabis Businesses Do it? With CEO of Dixie Elixirs Tripp Keber

May 17, 2017

We are reaching the epicenter of the end of cannabis prohibition and with it, we are seeing marijuana businesses grow into billion dollar companies. And it is very likely that someone representing or running one of those brands is sitting at our studio table today. 

That just may be our guest, CEO of Dixie Elixirs, Tripp Keber. We base this comment on some of the insightful information he has provided this cannabis podcast with, his strategic build of the Dixie Brands, and his pure passion for being a part of this industry. As is represented by his quote that we all strongly believe in, "I fundamentally believe that we're a part of history."

This week Ruby Red Eye reviews the CBD wellness brand Aceso. They believe that nature holds the key to wellness, and provide terpene-enhanced CBD products that can you can use in a couple of different ways. Choose the spray or choose the beverage packet. Our verdict? 5 stars.

In the news this week, Alejandra covers: a recent study on rats that concludes THC dramatically improves memory capacity in older brains, a womens' cannabis sisterhood that has produced some pretty high profits, and news about a potential cannabis vending machine.

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420 Special: Myths and Legends, World Cannabis Week and 420 Survival Guide Featuring My 420 Tours

April 18, 2017

What's the story behind who started 420? What is the SxSW of cannabis event and what can we expect from the World of Cannabis Week 2017? How did the concept of having marijuana-themed events, tours and vacations come about? What does the future of cannabis tourism look like? This week the President of My 420 Tours, JJ Walker helps answer some of these questions we're all dying to know the answers to. 

Ruby Red Eye gives us a list of everything you'll need for your 420 Survival Kit. Our bag of choice is the fanny pack, but she provides alternatives too. 

Our news covers Colorado backing off of planning the Amsterdam-style cannabis clubs, a fake news piece that led thousands to believe Texas legalized marijuana and a former MLB player coming out saying that baseball may not be the "straightest" of the four major American sports.




Challenges that Cannabis Business Owners Face When (Trying) to Expand Nationally

April 12, 2017

You can't ship across state lines, it is nearly impossible to get federally-issued patent, and coordinating with other industry operators to develop licensing agreements is tough. Which is why there are only a handful of companies in the cannabis industry that have products in multiple states. So we were thrilled to invite the CEO, Lynn Honderd, of one of these companies: Mary's Medicinals.

This week's CannaPod review might surprise you. Ruby Red Eye tells us all about Goldleaf's newly released "Jotter" journals. There are two types: one for the grower and one for the patient. These luxury-looking planners get nothing but 5-star reviews where users can track their processes and effects using charts and graphs specifically made for each audience. 

Our news for the week covers: The first country to sell marijuana in pharmacies (Uruguay!), a filed patent for a cannabis-based eating disorder treatment and a task force within a subcommittee was called by Sessions to review cannabis laws. He says that he thinks we will all find that there is a lot more violence around the use of marijuana than we thing...but at CannaPod, we think he is the one in for a pretty big surprise. If you want to see the articles we used for the news this week, you can check them out in our program.


Busting 4 Myths About CBD With the Doctor

April 5, 2017

Do you even know what CBD is? Or that humans have an endocannabinoid system? Or how much this non-psychoactive ingredient can help our health? If not, you're not alone. This week, we talk with Dr. Philip Blair of one of the world's most influential CBD providers, Elixinol, about 4 misconceptions people have about CBD. These include: 1. CBD does not have benefits without THC, 2. This is just a new health "trend," but not something that has really been apart of us for so long, 3. CBD is illegal and 4. you can only use CBD by smoking it, or sublingually.

Our product review is on canna-honey. Where the bees are actually trained to eat the resin of cannabis plants. Dr. Blair shares with us why this might be an especially good way to ingest cannabis, and Ruby Red Eye tells you where you can get this product in both California and Colorado!

Our news this week covers a kidney patient getting knocked off the transplant list for using medical marijuana, a world renowned marijuana researcher and expert that has never in his life smoked a joint and Richard Branson announces to the world that farmers instead of raising cows, should grow cannabis!


You can find out more about Elixinol, Dr. Blair and his recommendations and practice with Pro Health Advisor by clicking on the links in this sentence. 


Ep. 26: Surviving in the Cannabis Industry Means Product Expansion, with the CEO of Edipure

March 30, 2017

Economies of scale. This wasn't a term you'd hear in the cannabis industry. That is until consolidation became a reality. Cannabis business owners are left with 3 options: face their fate, sell to the suits or product and brand expansion. This week we invite the CEO of Edipure,  Edward Wassom to discuss why small businesses in the marijuana industry need to expand, how they can expand their product lines, and expand nationally and the Edipure's own story of going from gummies to edibles galore, and even into other delivery systems.

Think this conversation is too early to have? "The industry is brand new...practically in its honeymoon phase?" you might say. But while this development phase lasts a decade in your traditional industry cycle, this is all happening right now for us in the Green Rush. Cannabis prepared to keep up!

This week's product is Stash Logix: "thoughtful, discreet and secure stash bags," accessories and storage solutions making it easier than ever to carry your stash with you in your on-the-go lifestyle. The combination lock on some of the Stash Logix products are perfect for those of you with kids and pets - reminder that CBD for dogs is :) but THC is not! Some of their products even feature a charging port to keep you charged up wherever you take it! Also a big shout-out to these guys for being awesome and donating products to the #subtleescape launch party earlier this month! 

Our news this week covers: 1) plants, other than marijuana, that contain cannabinoids  2) Ganjaland! The cannabis paradise island crowdfunding project that ended up being a total dud  3) The University of Denver (a private university, we might add) adds another cannabis industry course to its spring schedule! Reminder that this is the same school that Alejandra was a judge for a cannabis industry case study competition. If you missed it, check out the end of this CannaPod episode.

Events: 1) Is Canada ahead of the game when it comes to product expansion? Based on this Canadian Cannabis Business Conference that is already looking to the future of cannabis, we might want to step up our game America!

2) The launch PARTY OF THE YEAR just happened this month. We are seriously sorry if you missed the Escape launch party...but if pictures are worth a thosand words, then we suggest you look at the party album :)

Were you at the event? Be sure to find and tag yourself in your photo on facebook! I want to find my photo please!



Is Chocolate Bridging the Gap Between the Cannabis, Entertainment and Food Industries?

March 8, 2017

Colorado is the first state to allow social consumption of marijuana. We are still heckling to establish specific rules but as early as this summer, we can expect to see businesses obtain these licenses. Which makes us wonder...what will this be like? We predict that because you cannot smoke inside, that marijuana edibles will be the "stepping stone" to serving and eating marijuana infused goodies in "normal" restaurants and cafes. And what is a more perfect edible than chocolate? There isn't one. Just ask our guest, Lauren Gockley, the Head Chocolatier of the cannabis chocolate kitchen, Coda Signature.

These truffles are as decadent as a piece of art, taste like heaven, have all the benefits of chocolate and are medicated. We also learn from Lauren a little secret that answers the question we had: why is chocolate and cannabis such an irresistible combo? One explanation is that both contain anandamide, which is sometimes called "the bliss molecule."


Product Review: 

This week, we check out which is the ultimate platform for the cannabis cook. Watch videos, find and share receipes, make your own cookbook and more with this awesome site and app. Check out their educational videos and receipes to learn what kind of cannabutter or oil goes best with what, what the perfect dessert or chocolate pairing is and more.



Our news this week covers some pretty major achievements for the marijuana industry. 1) The Colorado Attorney General invites Sessions to come to Colorado and check out how things are run here. The idea is to get the feds to understand that our market is sophisticated and regulated, so they don't need to worry about it! 2) This is the Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Friendly Hotels in Denver, which is very important for all the out of state tourists out there. 3) The Feds threaten an intervention in the major industry event, the High Times Cannabis Cup. 4) This is our topic to follow for the week. The Denver Social Marijuana Advisory Group has gotten together and agreed we need to designate areas where it is ok to consume, but one thing they don't agree on is this relation to alcohol.


Cannabis Investing: Green Rush Finance

March 2, 2017

A recently hot topic in the world of finance has been in the "Green Rush." Get rich quick by investing in the as in marijuana. Investing in cannabis certainly offers big opportunity...but it does come at a risk. So this week we invite special guest that is an expert in investing, specifically in marijuana. He shares the ins and outs of cannabis investing from the perspective of all parties at hand: investors, capital groups, cannabis businesses and even the government.

Some of the questions and topics we address are: the 3 main options people have for investing, what does a typical investor "look like?", the challenges and market opportunities of investing in marijuana, what it's like to look for cannabis investors, and last but not least, the sexiness of the combination of money and marijuana. 

Our expert this week, Rick Batenburg is a partner and head of business development in the longest standing capital firm with a marijuana vertical. Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG), is of course based out of the cannabis epicenter, Denver, CO. If you're interested in investing in cannabis, you can reach out to him at

One of the exciting parts about investing in cannabis is the fun, sexy, new innovations that cannabis companies can bring to the table. In the case of CCMG we are talking about an industry-changing vaping brand called Escape. In addition to having an awesome, aviation branding, this new brand features vaping accessories and oils unlike anything else out there. 

This week Ruby Red Eye reviews the new "Flight" vaping device by Escape (no pun intended!). The Flight introduces a whole new vaping lifestyle that gives you choice, convenience and discretion. The Flight holds two Jet vaporizing, temperature controlled diffusers, so you can always choose whichever you're "feeling." It's smaller than your phone, but with the best-in-class battery technology, it keeps both of your Jets charged for up to 2 weeks! And like they say..."Size Matters," so they created a smaller vape that hits harder and lasts longer. Sorry guys...this is not yet in stores, but will be released to the public after their launch party on March 10th. 


This week's news:

We analyze White House press Secretary, Sean Spicer's words on marijuana last week. If your in the cannabis business, what should you do to make sure the "increased enforcement" by the government and MED doesn't affect you?

Is marijuana delivery on it's way to being legal? Senate Bill 192 would allow both medical and recreational dispensaries to deliver cannabis right to your door.

A nuclear bunker (no joke) was found to serve a double purpose...the second being a cannabis factory. Police in the UK raided it and were surprised to find $1.2 million worth of marijuana plants.



Want an invite to the Escape launch party on March 10th in Denver? Like and message them on their new Facebook page and you'll get an invite!




Women in Cannabiz and Cannabis for Women with LEVO Oil CEO, Christina Bellman

February 15, 2017

"Legal marijuana may very well be the first billion dollar industry that is not dominated by men." This might surprise you as smoking weed (and in the past, dealing it too) has traditionally been presented to by pop culture as a male pastime. Yet 36% of executive level positions in the cannabis industry are held by women. That number drops to 22% in other industries. So this week we showcase the female-founded company, LEVO Oil, which makes bringing in cannabis infused cooking into the home easier than ever.

The company's founder, Christina Bellman talks with us about her experience going from the male-dominated finance industy to founding this company in a brand new, budding industry, where women are everywhere; from testing labs to retail and even the executive suite. 

Some of the questions we tackle this week are: what attracts women to the marijuana industry? How do men perceive women in this industry (as opposed to other workforce environments)? What are the cannabis product demand differences between men and women? Does marijuana effect women differently - after all, we do have different hormones (the answer is...yes).

Product Review: Boveda for cannabis storage and curing. This brilliant company has created products to increase the shelf life, maintain potency levels and retain terpenes. They come in a few sizes and have multiple humidity levels to keep your medicine in tip top shape.

News: U.S. - Canada cannabis business partnerships, the potential for the first U.S. approved cannabis-derived therapy; for brain cancer, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is teaching other states about growing marijuana, and is rumored to be working on the world's first government-produced manual on growing marijuana.

Check out this week's program here.

P.S. Pre ordering for LEVO Oil ends soon! If you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on one, visit this page.


Timeline of Cannabis: History Repeats Itself with Weedmaps guest, Lance Lambert

February 8, 2017

When are where did marijuana originate? When did the government require farmers to grow hemp?How did wars, immigration, the government and Hollywood shape the attitudes towards marijuana over the years? In the cannabis podcast this week, we answer these questions and more. We also get a deep insight into how propaganda, and media influenced our society's perceptions of marijuana from an expert in media and tech in the cannabis industry. Lance Lambert is the Director of media operations for Weedmaps and, providing us with deep insight into the development of media attacking the industry, to media now (moreso perhaps than ever in our nation's history) embracing marijuana and cannabis, as it is normalized into our society. 

This week's product review will make you laugh out loud...mostly because of how squirmish our male hosts get when talking about breasts. Alex introduces us to not just an amazing product, but a great health practice that all female listeners need to check out! The company is called Bosom Wellness; it is based out of California and carries mostly CBD products (but also a THC product too). The product is an oil, and the practice is a boob massage. Massaging your breasts with these oils on a daily basis will help to relsease toxins from tissues and thus trigger the detoxification process. Their overall message? Adopt better breast health and practices! We all know that breast cancer is an all-too-common harsh reality.

We welcome Alejandra back this week to deliver our news this week, that gives us a lot of hope and excitement for the industry! 1) Marijuana Moms face a stigma. This is actually a video we found that dives into the lives of women in the industry. How do they cope with harsh questions? How do their kids respond to these questions? A couple of these women, "The Alexes" met last week at the Women Grow event. 2) Former NFL players supporting industry events. This comes up over and over again...but it's good that it does because it certainly helps to raise awareness and rid the stoner stigma. Plus we will be having a suprise former NFL guest on the show this Spring! 3) DA panel to advise Trump on marijuana. A new advisory board has been formed to help President Donald Trump on how to handle the cannabis industry. And despite what you might is not composed of all opponents. A DA from right here in Boulder, Colorado is on the board, so we remain hopeful! 4) Bhang. Justin may call it "B-hang," but Bhang [prounced bang], is an awesome edibles and concentrates company, but also we find out the meaning behind the name. We'll give you a has a deep history, and is derived from outside of the States. 

If you're interested in fact checking us, want to read our sources, see the news articles, or are just plain interested in seeing what our podcast programs look like, you can check it out here.


Cannabis Under the Trump Administration with Guest Steve Brooks of Lightshade

February 1, 2017

With a brand new President, we are all wondering in the industry what will happen? Is the future of cannabis doomed? Will nothing change at all? While it is still too early to tell, we can begin speculating the boom or bust of the legal cannabis industries in the United States. We invite the owner, Steve Brooks, of one of Denver's first and best dispensaries in Denver, Lightshade, to share his thoughts on how this might play out. Listen in to hear our conclusion here at CannaPod.

This week Ruby Red Eye reviews Receptra Pro from Receptra Naturals. We find out that it is widely used by UFC and MMA fighters for its neuroprotectants, which improve cognitive functioning (so they don't get hit as much!), as well as post-workout recovery. And WE find out that little miss Alex is into UFC...who knew!

Our news this week is proudly presented to us by TBD and covers: drug war proponents and the Law Enforcement Agency, Jeff Sessions and his vagueness about his marijuana strategy, and New York Senator writes a letter to Trump asking him to respect the wishes of the New York voters and not destroy the medical marijuana economy.

We miss Alejandra in the studio this week, as she was busy judging at the Daniels vs. Daniels competition for students at DU, who are interested in the cannabis industry. She briefly interviews several other judges and a student (who was not a proponent of the industry prior to participating in this competition) to hear their thoughts on the competition, the cannabis industry, and marijuana education.